Friday, June 8, 2012

Generals Incident

This afternoon while doing weed abatement by way of weedwacker and McLeod tool at a friend's ridgetop home upon emerging from lunch indoors I heard the sound of an air attack plane circling nearby then I noticed a grass fire to my north. This lent additional impetus to what I was doing as I wondered for a time whether my day would get a whole lot more interesting given the raging winds at times. I was working west of Paso Robles, CA, off Nacimiento Lake Drive (G14) while the Generals Incident as it was called burned on-post at Camp Roberts and burned about 200 acres. I felt naked without my scanner which chastened me into getting that fired up for this fire season.  

My first view of the fire.
The smoke was blowing directly at my location so my ridgetop view quickly became hazy.
Wind appeared to be the primary issue with this incident.
The fire was burning through grassland with some nearby oak woodland.
For a time I worried that it might squirt through between some vineyards and make it to my location driven by wind.
Ultimately, it appeared it was herded into a plowed field while the flanks were worked by tankers and mobile attacks by engines.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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  1. Kim,

    You can get an app for your iphone (free) that functions like a scanner. I have one for mine and I love it. It's handy as heck during times when I'm away from home without my Uniden.