Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sex Really Can Get You Killed!

For those of us my age or older (and perhaps a minority of younger folks) who have seen many/most/all of the teen slasher flicks of the 1980's (and since) despite the pervasive and almost requisite sexual themes and situations (in some cases even nudity and/or simulated sex scenes) they almost universally contain subtle and surprisingly traditional and conservative morality tales regarding sexual mores. In most cases the antagonist (Freddy Krueger / Jason Voorhees / Michael Myers / et al) kills off all the sexually promiscuous young people while the more virtuous characters always seem to have a higher survival rate. Indeed, in these sorts of "cautionary tales" death seems often to occur for victims while in the midst of the throws of passion. These sorts of themes are hardly anything new to the human race as this sort of societal object lesson can be found in numerous other formulations throughout human history from various ancient mythos to modern fiction in all its formulations, i.e. literature and cinema. Now comes evidence of what drives all these vain attempts by older human beings to reign in the hormones of those their junior: sex has always been a killer going back to pre-human prehistory as captured in the above recently discovered fossilized scene of reptile debauchery frozen for all time following some sort of disaster in a pond in what would almost 50 million years later become Germany. Yes, you are looking at a fossilized Beast-With-Two-Backs. Note to self: don't have sex in German ponds.

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