Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black Butte & Mount Shasta

Today I rode along with my friend Dave Richter up to Bend, Oregon, en route to Eugene, Oregon, for Gem Faire this week and coming weekend. We kept a torrid pace all day after getting an early start. Consequently, we had time to detour off Interstate 5 and check out a bit of Mount Shasta City, California, looking for the house Dave used to live in there when he was young. We then got back on the interstate and headed a short distance up the highway to Weed, California. There, we stopped for gas before diverging from I-5 and heading up U.S. Route 97 to Bend. Below are some images I captured of Black Butte and Mount Shasta which are shown in the order they were taken. NOTE: please disregard a small optical artifact (actually a double-shadow) that appears in some of these images. This will soon no longer be an issue in bright photos once I get a new and better camera soon.
Black Butte at the northbound I-5 Abrams Lake Road offramp.
This volcano is not extinct but is merely dormant having last erupted around 9,000 years ago.
It is difficult to take an ugly photo of this mountain.
Mount Shasta is surrounded by beautiful forests and glades.
Hotlum cone constitutes the current summit at right and Shastina is the volcanic peak at left.
View out of the front windshield of Dave's pickup.... we drove east along Abrams Lake Road approaching I-5.
This volcanic mountain which last erupted in 1786 looms over the surrounding country as if exuding a presence.
Black Butte as viewed from northbound I-5 just north of Abrams Lake Road.
Black Butte from Vista Drive in Weed, CA.
Mount Shasta from Vista Drive in Weed, CA.
Mount Shasta from the intersection of Vista Drive & Black Butte Drive in Weed, CA.
Located in Weed, CA. Hardy-har-har!
Mount Shasta from northbound Highway 97.
Mount Shasta, while not the highest elevation Cascade Volcano it is certainly the tallest such mountain relative to the surrounding terrain.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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  1. Thank you, Kimmer! Garsh, but I love these images. Droooool!