Saturday, July 7, 2012

Powell's A Rare Book Experience

I had the honor multiple times this weekend to visit the legendary Powell's Books in downtown Portland, OR. As it turns out this place is the single largest bookstore in the United States with only one establishment in New York City coming close to challenging that size. Powell's fills up an entire city block (centered between 10th &11th, Burnside & Couch) as well as an adjacent annex across 10th Street to the east. Powell's is located in an old four story building and divided up into color-coded sections (blue, coffee, gold, green, orange, pearl, purple, red, rose). I could spend a week in a place like this so my visits this time were I hope quite preliminary.
The Rare Book Room at Powell's Book in downtown Portland, Oregon. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved). 


  1. Well, this place would wreck my fragile budget in about 5 minutes. The science section would feel ravaged, for sure.

  2. I can imaging the goodies in this store as any bookstore is a threat to my budget at any time. If I could, I would have the equivalent of this store as MY library! Elena AKA EarthandIce