Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another World Series Gem Faire - Pt. 2

Today the building languished once again due to a variety of factors, of which the ongoing World Series featuring the local San Francisco Giants seems to be muting enthusiasms for this Gem Faire as it seemed to do two years ago when this Gem Faire occurred while the Giants were winning the 2010 World Series. Below is my account in photos and shown in order they were taken. See Day One and  Day Three.
Most of the buildings in Railroad Square were built right after the 1906 earthquake which collapsed and burned this original downtown Santa Rosa commercial district.
What a quintessentially California scene: Northern California with a palm tree and some sort of exotic evergreen tree next to it.
Friday and Saturday both saw this lady entertain our end of the building (the rear end) with folk music  lullabies and harp-playing. Aural valium was the last thing this slow show needed this weekend!
I love the arched ceiling of the J.T. Grace Pavilion. It reminds me of my beloved Quonset huts.
Arkansas quartz crystals.
Morning light on the Rocks & Relics booth.
More quartz; this time from Brazil.
Various beryl beads.
Vaulted window as backdrop to Dave's booth.
For the first time I noticed all the cobwebs and thought how apropos their presence for the upcoming Halloween holiday.
Scenes of empty aisles like this were common this weekend.
Dave managed to have a decent day despite the relative quietude of the building today and yesterday.
Railroad Square as seen from under the 101 Freeway.
Jackson's Bar & Oven next door to my beloved Cellars of Sonoma.
Cellars of Sonoma scene: Dave and I typically drink our wine here and bring over pizza from next door at Jackson's.
Game 3 on the television in Cellars of Sonoma being watched by Giants faithful: Giants won 2-0 to go up 3-0 in the World Series.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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