Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Sad Turn Of Affairs

Yesterday as some of you might know from reading last night's installment of "Random Musings" I received back vis-a-vis "Return To Sender" the letter I sent to my former friend/boss last Monday. My reaction yesterday was that the post office had royally goofed up and I went off on them last night in that column based upon that false assumption.

By this morning I realized the letter had been received by its proper recipient but contemptuously left unread and presumptuously returned. I therefore deleted the part of last night's column that pertained to this matter as it was based upon a false premise. It now appears I overestimated the character and level of class of the individual in question and assumed he valued our friendship more than he actually ever did. He was simply using me for what I could do for him and that was all there was to the arrangement. Certainly if that was untrue he would have cared enough and been considerate enough to read what I took the time to compose and hear me out just as I heard him out for over three years.

For a man perpetually complaining about how unfair things are (to him) and how little respect is shown him by the Universe he certainly is anything but effusive with respect towards me (and others I have noted) and has certainly not treated me fairly or for that matter a few other people we jointly know. He richly enjoys criticizing others but will not accept criticism from others. That sort of selfishness and pride and hypocrisy are things to which I no longer have to contend. I am equal measures grateful it's over and sad things played out the way they did. However,  that is 100% on him and we are where we are 100% as a result of his choices.

The ball is still firmly in his court to either do the right thing and make amends or become even more isolated and add to his ever-lengthening list of people in his life he has alienated and lost be they friends or employees or people like me who were once both. I already forgive him and will not give my spiritual enemy a foothold in my life by way of a bitter heart. However, that is not to say that on a human level I am not deeply offended and outraged. Proverbs 18:19 comes to mind in this matter and is quite apropos.

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