Friday, March 22, 2013

Picture of the Day - 1991 Maacama Creek Cab

This image came about by way of a synergistic symbiosis of creativity and FUBAR. The very fact that I actually attempted (even if not what I originally started out intending to do) this image combined with the fact I just used "synergistic" and "symbiosis" in a most pretentious-sounding fashion suggests to me that perhaps I'm segueing into a new phase of the evolution of my photographic genius "creativity". Okay, I admit it: I kept fracking up the pictures I was taking of this bottle for simple "Picture of the Day" column here and then would leave the previous image up on my monitor and snap the next image of the bottle parked in front of it. Perhaps I'm just out of my gourd tired and need to go to bed. Anywho, here is an image within an image within and image within an image of one of the last bottles remaining from my original wine collection. It's one of the first bottles I ever purchased in my entire life if not the very first such bottle. Note: the image in the background of the furthest image of the bottle is my Facebook page on my computer monitor. I hope that makes sense. Anywho, this is a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from Maacama Creek Winery from their 1991 vintage from their Melim Vineyard in Alexander Valley. I purchased this bottle from the Jimtown Store in 1992. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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