Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cambria Christmas Carnival #2

Tonight I visited the 2nd Annual Cambria Christmas Marketplace at Cambria Pines Lodge. This was my first time visiting this event and I did so with my buddy Marybeth Shears. It was well-worth the drive from Paso Robles where I live to see this as I found it enchanting. The marketplace itself didn't really do anything for me tonight but perhaps I simply wasn't in the mood having already blown some money on Christmas shopping for mom in the lovely Moonstones store on Burton Drive in East Village Cambria.

The rainbow tunnel as entrance.
This made for a rather eye-catching introduction to the course.
I was tempted to take too many pictures of this structure.
Looking back at the rainbow tunnel.

I find most Nativity scenes rather annoyingly religious but for some reason I liked this one.

The Blue Forest of Cambria Pines Lodge...
...which reminded me for some reason of the Blue Forest in Wyoming.

There was a bit of The Nutcracker at the far end of the course.

I couldn't not take more images of the Blue Forest on the way back through.
This was my second favorite feature after the Rainbow Tunnel.

This image turned out sharper than the first one but I like both so I included them both here, one going and one coming.
My buddy Marybeth.
I realize I'm a dork but this feature made me think of the tunnel in that episode of the The Six Million Dollar Man television series which featured the robotic Big Foot and that rotating tunnel that incapacitated Steve Austin.
This has an incredibly eye-pleasing effect.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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  1. This is beautiful. Nativity scenes are by their very nature very They don;'t mean to be annoying. And you can never "blow" money on a present for your mom. I appreciate each adn every thing my son ever does for me. She will love it. Allison