Monday, December 16, 2013

Important Pfeiffer Fire Links

Note: this blog post will be updated as often as necessary as this incident unfolds. 
This fire is now up to 917 acres and is now 100% containment. In all 34 homes were damaged/destroyed including the home of the chief of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade. Four outbuildings were damaged/destroyed as well. Full containment expected Friday evening.. It began around Midnight Monday morning and was initially driven by katabic winds and associated compressional heating with highs Monday into the low 80's and at 3 a.m. Monday morning it was 72 degrees in mid-December on the Big Sur Coast of Monterey County.

There are now two Hotlist threads:
Questions & Discussion Thread

Monterey Herald Pfeiffer Fire blog

Big Sur Kate is the best source for info when there are fires up there.
She is having internet connectivity problems as a result of the fire.
Be sure to heck it periodically for her updates when they come in.


KTVU Raw Aerial Video showing destroyed homes

KSBW Raw Aerial Video showing homes burning


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