Saturday, April 26, 2014

2014 San Miguel Sagebrush Days

This morning I volunteered to do traffic control for this year's San Miguel Sagebrush Days at the request of my friend Anthony Kalvans who is a young and up and coming local politician in that tiny berg. Despite how busy I am right now I did it anyway to help Anthony pull off a successful event. I did it simply for the experience of doing it. I did it for the purpose of volunteering in the local community. Last and least but worth noting I also did it because Anthony promised to feed me. I realize more urbane people often look down upon these events as hokey and provincial (my mom being a Pasadenan by birth and culture will in the course of discussing such matters mention that her home town throws a "little parade and football game every New Year's Day". However, I find these small-town America events charming in their own inimitable way. What follows is my photographic record of today's small-town festival in San Miguel, CA.

The Estrella Warbirds sent several aircraft over the parade route.

These Model A's were at the Model A event in Paso Robles recently which I covered in this blog HERE.

The driver of this vintage fire engine drove it back in the day when both he and it were newer models.

Overheard at the firestation spoken amongst the traffic control volunteers in reference to this display: "There's some redneck engineering for ya."

The panel of judges weighs their choices in the voting for the parade entries.
As with all small town in America the fire station is an integral part of the community and even functions as a community meeting room.

All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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