Monday, April 21, 2014

For The Love of Jade

Earlier this evening up-and-coming local jade hunter-diver and carver-artist Drew Arnold shared his passion for jade with the Santa Lucia Rockhounds of San Luis Obispo County at their April club meeting in Templeton, CA. Below is a photographic record of his most excellent impassioned presentation. The jade you see with him are his own finds hand-crafted by him into their current form. I like passionate people like Drew who are kindred spirits who know what they like and go after it without reservation. It is people like us who I am trying to get into our meetings this year to give presentations at our meetings in order to spice things up by dialing up the passion quotient. Rock clubs need to keep it real or else risk going extinct like the dinosaurs.

Drew in Q&A form after his talk with past president of the Orcutt Mineral Society Wayne Mills to the left of Drew.

All photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)


  1. 10,000 years as mankind's first gem. JADE. Tell it like it is accept no substitutes. Be it Nephrite or Jadeite these metasomatic ma rvels are chemically cold forged and delivered from the earths womb. Stone of heaven and stone of life beckoning the ambassadors of the future to leave their touch upon and within these most potent lithic vessels.

  2. Thanks so much to Kim and all the members of the club for allowing me the privilege of sharing my passion which is jade. Though the power point presentation's technical difficulties prompted some necessary improvisation to deliver, my "winging it" over the next hour was a literal blur and was over in what seemed like a few minutes. Great people, great stone ... great time. Thanks again ... Drew