Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Has Sprung At Kiler Canyon Farm

This morning I returned to Kiler Canyon Farm outside Paso Robles, CA, and once again indulged in the weekly harvest and post-harvest feast of abundance. This time I remembered to bring my camera's memory card so my images were actually captured unlike last week's images which amounted to practice photographs which is quite unfortunate given how well those images would have otherwise turned out. Last week's sickly piglet died over the intervening period but at least I was able to capture the little buggers before any more of them can die and before they get any larger. In this photo series I also decided to do a more comprehensive photo survey of the vale in which the farm is located and the adjacent terrain. Note that despite the recent rains the green-up the engendered there is still evidence aplenty in these images of the ongoing epic drought.

Quill Trimmell coming to a piglet's resuce with bottle-in-hand.

I LOVE bread ovens.... especially home-designed and built ones.
Kiler Canyon Farm is off the grid!

There is a real Shire-esque look and feel to this place which keeps drawing me back.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. Kim, You have a wonderful eye! Your photo's are beautiful and capture the panoramic view like I have not seen. Thank you for posting this and taking part in the Wednesday harvest's. We all look forward to your dynamic presence!

  2. Wow Kim, you have an amazing eye! I don't think I have seen anyone capture the panorama like you have. Thank you for all your help on the farm, and the eclectic conversation, and joyful spirit you bring to our harvest days.