Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ben Carson Is A Bigot

As a person who is not a Muslim and believes it is a false religion, I am nonetheless surprised and disappointed to learn that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has said he would not support a President who is a Muslim. I also believe Mormonism is a false religion but I voted for Mitt Romney three years ago as a protest vote to the filth currently residing in the White House. If somebody is constitutionally elected President of the United States in a free and open election such as they are in a Corporate Oligarchy then that person has been vetted by the system our Founding Fathers put in place. If the President is a Muslim matters not one iota any more than if they are a confirmed Atheist which I also believe is a false faith. The Democrats are weak, vulnerable, and inept as they were in 2012 but the Republican's chronic ineptitude and fecklessness guarantees Hillary will be the next President.... a deeply flawed candidate ripe for the taking but for whom the clown car of Republican candidates offers no credible challenge.


  1. Where in this paragraph did you discuss evidence that supports the title of this little "article"????? I don't even see where you said anything to indicate that the title has any merit whatsoever. Was it just a hook to get people to read this "article"???

  2. P.S. If you really believe that "If the President is a Muslim matters not one iota..." then you know precious little about the Muslim faith and doctrines. Read their "holy book" and open your eyes. No disrespect intended.