Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Last Night Into Morning At Bannister House

My eight-day stay in San Diego at Bannister House visiting my friend Jannine and mixing in some sightseeing came to an end today when her mother/my friend Patsy and I carpooled home to the Central Coast. It was a wonderful trip in which I was able to spend some quality time (sounds so cliche) with Jannine. Also, I experienced some awesome things including a number of firsts such as going to a Padres game at Petco Park and visiting the Whaley House. Special thanks goes out to Patsy Dow and her family for hosting me. I hope I was able in some small way to be of assistance to the Dow Family.

Now about the Bannister House: you can read more about it via the hyperlink above. However, I will say this about the place: it is a magical place of healing. For a nominal fee, family members of those suffering serious illness at UCSD Medical Center may stay there as long as needed, in some cases with the ill family member if they are ill enough to need constant care but not ill enough to need to be in a hospital room. Mostly, it is just family members of the seriously ill. The building is cheerfully laid out to allow maximum light and openness without sacrificing privacy and personal space. The staff are minimal in number but are friendly and run a tight ship. The main thing is the magic that happens in the common area, to wit, the kitchen and dining room. Guests are banned from eating in their rooms. This forces guests to prepare meals together and eat together which invariably causes impromptu support meetings at every meal. Everybody in there has a loved one going through serious stuff. Often different parties staying there have family members suffering similar things and are able to crowd source information and provide emotional support. I was stuck by how awesome this environment is and would love to work there if I lived down that way. 

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Mission Valley last night as viewed from our balcony at Bannister House. 
A morning view from the same location this morning.
This is the social center of Bannister House; the kitchen and dining area. 
Looking into the kitchen from the dining room.
Looking from the kitchen into the dining room. 
These canyons spread out the sprawl in San Diego which I like but they create WUI problems for society. 
Canyon on the side opposite from the previous one. 
Goodbye, Bannister House! All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved). 

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