Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sitting Pat in Petco Park

Tonight I had the honor of attending only my second Los Angeles Dodgers game ever (the previous one was last year which I talked about HERE) this time against the San Diego Padres in the newish Petco Park downtown San Diego, CA. The stadium is small compared to Dodger Stadium but it is intimate and beautifully designed and at sunset looks awesome, especially with the adjacent downtown skyline and the bay. My dear friend Patsy treated me while my friends the Marshes made the arrangements and all of us enjoyed the game together. The Blue Crew lost 7-10, but the game was exciting! Also, I made an alcoholic discovery tonight HERE.

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The scene was gorgeous at sunset in this place.
Laura Marsh hamming it up with a Blue Crew faithful.
It seemed like there were a lot of lefties in tonight's game and I don't refer to their political persuasion.
I caught the ball mid-flight. 
Giving up ten runs meant that I saw quite a number of Dodger pitchers on the mound.
.... to which I responded in chant aloud, "Beat S.D., it rhymes with STD!"
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all photos by Kim Patrick Noyes). 

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