Thursday, September 24, 2015

Valley Firestorm Uber Footage Trifecta Completed

Here is the third installment of awesome extended footage of the recent 76,067 acre Valley Fire in Lake County, CA, as captured by Flying Monkey Photography and associates, that I'm now addicted to viewing. It mixes some incredible firestorm-as-weather-event footage along with being archival footage of an historic event as well as captures well the sense of how a major disaster feels where the human systems in place fall far short of being able to adequately deal with a particular crisis, especially in the early hours of the extended attack on the first day.

The men and women first responders in this disaster did their best but the natural elements conspired to confound their best efforts and great ability and technology. This fire underscores the fact we are losing the fight against these increasingly vicious wildfires.

Note: up to four deaths in this fire now with the third highest level of destruction in California history with 1,910 structures destroyed and over 1,200 of those being homes. Note the ominously beautiful smoke cloud formations and structures and how the light plays off of and through them. Also note that starting at the 5:08 mark one is observing a large and powerful fire whirl/tornado with broad-scale circulation. If you are curious as to what happened after this footage ends in the location it was shot then visit Not So Hidden Valley Firestorm.

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