Monday, May 16, 2016

My Thoughts On Tranny-Privy-Gate

The ongoing controversy over gender-neutral bathrooms becoming normative and legal in order to accommodate those either unfortunate enough to be born with unmatching minds and bodies or who are simply nuttier than a fruitcake, whichever might be the case, has stirred up yet more Culture War ugliness in this most contentious and batshit-crazy of political seasons. Tonight on Facebook I noted a well-reasoned but somewhat flawed statement of principal on this matter from a high school classmate. It reiterated some of the oft-repeated myths in circulation by my more conservative (with a lower-case "c") friends and acquaintances whom have parroted what they have picked up from within their cultural bubble. My response follows below, but has been edited both to make it better overall as well as to remove specific references to that friend and his comment and make it more of an overarching statement of principle of my own on this matter. 
"This PC bathroom thing is being made into an obnoxiously over-discussed and over-anguished, much-ado-about nothing, tempest-in-a-teapot. The instigators of this latest Culture War brawl have been assholes in both the LGBT community and in the Christian community of which I am a non-asshole member as well as by more secular Ditto-head types. It's classic Culture War mental-emotional masturbation material for fanatics and partisans. Sexual assault and sexual harassment are still sexual assault are sexual harassment. They were illegal before and remain illegal. I am not the least bit bothered by a woman who lives as a man using a bathroom with me and even sitting in a stall next to me... I'm not the least bit threatened by that nor would any real man feel threatened. Furthermore, men who live as women are akin to or are gay men, especially the feminine type. Gay men do not sexually assault woman, they shop with them and tell them they are beautiful and too good for their boyfriends. However, straight men dressed as men sexually assault women and are usually known to the woman anyway. Gay men do not sexually assault little girls, straight men dressed as men do that and usually are known to the girl anyway. Pedo men who sexually assault little boys are already in the men's rooms and always have been and yet there has never been a public health emergency declared over this due to there being an epidemic of it because most boys are molested by a man they know, not a stranger in the bathroom. This PC genderless bathroom tranny-gate thing merely distracts us with yet one more thing to divide us so we angrily vote like lemmings come November. I refuse to take the bait and get my jimmies rustled. Peace~Out!"

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