Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wishy-Washy Nit-Wit Man-Child

At the same wedding as mentioned in the previous post I had a most bizarre and disappointing encounter with the groom. Sometime after the dinner was served but before the dancing began I was sitting outside the venue with my guard partner and one of the company co-owners discussing business during our break. Suddenly, the groom emerged from a side door near us and invited himself to join us to "reflect" on what he had just done. We congratulated him and I reminded him that the marriage bond is one of the glues that binds society. He responded to my comment by admitting that he never used to believe in marriage and used to think it was "b.s." and still wasn't so sure about it (and that it wasn't "b.s."). He expressed his doubts in the wisdom of what he had just done. We were stunned to hear a young man speak thus just a couple of hours into his marriage to a beautiful 31 year-old woman who seemed like a fine person.

Daily, I encounter people who have no idea how blessed they are and seem prone to taking for granted what blessings they have. As a single and celibate man who is a hopeless romantic and a very sexual person, and deeply desires to find love, at the right time with the right person in God's time and way, I marvel at those who have been blessed with finding love and yet don't appreciate it. This man was facing his wedding night not with desire for his wife but rather trepidation about his commitment. What faithless man-child! My life experience has been very different. My entire life has been a litany of episodes of either not being attracted to the women interested in me or the women in whom I am interested are either not available or not interested in me, or on the occasions I thought I might have found someone, they turned out to not be who I initially thought they were. Sometimes (like right now) I wonder if I shall live out my days on this earth alone, but I shall trust God's will regardless.

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