Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Super Dave Schwartz Weather Highlight

This morning I received a phone call from mom before I could even get caught up on all the news via the internet. She informed me that she had just watched The Weather Channel and they had announced that the effervescent and quirky television weather legend Dave Schwartz died yesterday from stomach cancer. I was not shocked as all his fans were aware of his cancer struggles following his announcement of same last year. I had hoped he would pull through not knowing his stomach cancer was a metastasis of pancreatic cancer which is pretty much a death sentence for anybody. I lost my friend Steve Shears to it a few years ago as some of you may recall. Schwartz was a friend of sorts through the years when he worked at TWC, including years when I was fairly socially isolated with my Kim issues. Schwartz, in his charmingly quirky way, kept me company telling me the weather for Akron, Ohio, the next day or a myriad of other meteorological things that kept my mind occupied. I hope he was ready for eternity and he and God had a conversation before he slipped this mortal coil as I would love to meet him personally someday on the other side. 

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  1. Thanks for the video Kim. Dave was a pleasure to watch back in the 90's, and much of what got me interested in weather forecasting. R.I.P., Dave.