Thursday, July 28, 2016

Most Awesome Tanker Drop Ever

I first viewed this video yesterday on Facebook which is the only social networking site in which it has appeared as far as I know. The videographer known only as "808" captured this emergency drop on a Santa Clarita Valley area neighborhood in Sand Canyon under direct and eminent threat from the Sand Fire on either Saturday afternoon, July 23, or Sunday afternoon, July 24, 2016, Days Two or Three of the incident when it was burning homes and killing people. In my opinion this is the very best tanker drop footage yet captured anywhere at any time. Aside from capturing the urgency of the situation, it is very close to the action, shows the entire process of a drop including the lead plane directing the tanker along its path and where to start the drop, shows a DC-10 supertanker, and despite being taken with a smart phone, it is steadily held and well-framed videography. Enjoy!

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  1. Brass Cajones and Nerves of Steel. I am always in awe of the tanker pilots and they have my utmost respect.