Sunday, November 13, 2016

College Course Count

I recently noticed somebody on Linkedin included all their college courses completed. I am doing the same as I treat my Linkedin account as a sort of resume. Here is what I came up for my college career collectively at both Cuesta College (97 units completed) and Cal Poly (91 units completed with 19 being taken currently). It is worth noting that some of the Cuesta College classes listed were taken back in academic year 1989-1990 such as Art, Chem, and Journalism.
*Italics for classes in which I'm currently enrolled.
**Last updated 12/20/16

Cal Poly Classes Completed or Currently Being Taken:

AERO 310 (Air & Space)
DEV 10 (Subject Early School Start)
EDUC 300 (Historical, Philosophical, & Social Foundations of Public Education)
EDUC 412 (Access to Learning in a Pluralistic Society)
EDUC 414 (Curriculum & Inquiry in Public Schools)
EDUC 416 (Literacy, Language, and Culture in Content Area Classrooms)
EDUC 418 (Culturally Responsive Teaching in Diverse Classrooms)
EDUC 447 (Secondary Field Experience in General and/or Special Education)
EDUC 469 (Part-time Student Teaching)
ENGL 339 (Introduction to Shakespeare)
GEOG 150 (Introduction to Cultural Geography)
GEOG 301 (Geography of Resource Utilization)
GEOG 308 (Global Geography)
HIST 100 (Introduction to the Study of History)
HIST 214 (Political Economy of Latin America & the Middle East)
HIST 303 (Research & Writing Seminar in History)
HIST 304 (Historiography)
HIST 317 (Lure of the Sea)
HIST 322 (Modern America)
HIST 336 (Britain at War: The British, the Americans & the Struggle for Freedom)
HIST 350 (The Scientific Revolution) 
HIST 354 (History of Network Technology)
HIST 421 (History of Prostitution)
HIST 424 (Organizing & Teaching History)
HIST 425 (Social Sciences Teaching Practicum)
HIST 433 (History of the American West, the Southwest Borderlands, & California)
HIST 442 (Topics and Issues in Latin American History)
HIST 460 (Senior Project I)
HIST 461 (Senior Project II)
NR 308 (Fire & Society)
SCM 335 (Nuclear Science & Society)
SPAN 103 (Elementary Spanish III)
SPAN 201 (Intermediate Spanish I)

Cuesta Classes Completed:

ART 200 (Art Appreciation)
BIO 220 (Environmental Biology)
CHEM 210 (Introduction to Chemistry)
COMM 201A (Public Address)
ECON 201A (Principles of Macroeconomics)
ENGL 57 (Writers Workshop)
ENGL 201A (English Composition)
ENGL 201B (Introduction to Literature/Critical Thinking)
ENGL 231 (Creative Writing)
GEOL 212 (Geologic Hazards, Man, & the Environment)
GEOL 210 (Physical Geology)
GEOL 220 (Geology of California)
HEED 202 (Health Education)
HEED 204 (Standard First Aid & CPR)
HEED 208 (Multicultural Health)
HIST 203A (History of World Civilizations - Antiquity to Early 16th Century)
HIST 203B (History of World Civilizations - Early 16th Century to Present)
HIST 204A (History of Western Civilization - Ancient Middle East through Renaissance)
HIST 204B (History of Western Civilization - 1603 to Present)
HIST 207A (History of U.S. - Colonial to 1865)
HIST 207B (History of U.S. - 1865 to Present)
HIST 210 (History of California)
JOUR 201A (News Writing & Reporting)
MATH 07 (Prealgebra)
MATH 123 (Elementary Algebra)
MATH 127 (Intermediate Algebra)
MATH 232 (College Algebra)
POLS 202 (U.S. Government & Politics)
POLS 206 (Comparative Government)
SOC 201A (Introduction to Sociology)
SPAN 201 (Elementary Spanish I)
SPAN 202 (Elementary Spanish II)

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