Friday, November 11, 2016

Picture of the Day - Autumnal Altocumulus Sunset

Late this afternoon into early this evening I hiked out on the east side of Santa Margarita Lake off of River Road near Pozo, CA. This was the first time in years I hiked there at eventide and it was magical with a dramatic sky filled with altocumulus clouds. In keeping with the recent and ominous trend of ever-warmer temperatures, the weather on this eleventh day of November, even late in the day at dusk, was unusually and unseasonably warm as it has been nearly all of last month and literally all of this month. Last night I had one of my swamp coolers running all night as my house was too warm for me to sleep comfortably. The leaves are starting to fall but only somewhat steadily because of the diminished daylight, NOT due to any overnight cold temperatures. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes

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