Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Please Stop Pimping Falsehood!

Dear Facebook People,

Please do due-diligence in researching things before you post them. The abject ignorance some of you demonstrate with some of your posts is utterly appalling. Such falsehoods do harm as they dumb down the public discourse and spread misinformation which confuses the search for truth upon which we should all be embarked.


Your Skeptical Facebook Friend


  1. It is so sad . Many are downright hostile when you recommend that they fact check and when you try educate them on how to check sources they talk about bias of the press.
    They lack the ability to discern reality from satire . I am sure they never read beyond the sensational headlines let alone "waste their time" reading any opposing viewpoint.
    They claim fact checking sites have a liberal bias so I ask them to find one that has conservative views they then shut down. Their lopsided view has no room for logic.

  2. The moon is made out of green cheese!