Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump Is Not One Iota Better

What follows are some random comments I have posted on Yahoo Groups today in response to what I view as incredibly wrong-headed opinions about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I abhor them both and will not be voting for either tomorrow. However, I find the baseline of stupidity and vapidity trends a little bit more Trump's way as far as supporters are concerned. That is not to say the Hillary sycophants aren't capable at times of incredible fetes of cognitive dissonance every bit as impressive as those commonly seen in Trump's "Murica!" crowd.
A) "They are both more of the same. She is owned by Special Interests and is the Corrupted and he IS the Special Interest who owns politicians as he himself has very openly bragged about in the recent past and is the corrupter. They BOTH represent more of the same which is the perpetuation of Elite Values and protection of same.
You yourself in your comments below perpetuate Trumpian mythologies such as "Unlimited Immigration." That does not exist here and last existed here when the U.S. was undergoing Westward Expansion. As for Obamacare, Trump has very publicly very recently supported the concept of Single Payer. He is NOT nor NEVER has been a Conservative. After all is said and done he is not one iota better than she is and strong arguments can be made he is mentally ill or suffers from one or more personality disorders which make him undesirable as Chief Executive and make him a risk with the nuclear codes."
B) "He recently repeated (I actually watched him say it) the urban legend that Hillary got fired from a Watergate Investigation Committee and that has been long-debunked, cut off at the knees. I could go on all night. I mean, he has single-handedly made fact-checkers one of the more popular job descriptions in election coverage... fact checkers even help ratings now, mostly due to Trump given he has a pathological problem with facts and truth. At least Hillary lies when it makes rational sense while Trump's lies don't even make sense half the time."
C) "Bias and tone can be and often are a kind of inaccuracy even when presenting facts such as the Clinton Kill List. I have seen the Bush Kill list and it is just as damning-looking and yet both are inaccurate, not in the facts they present, but rather in how they present them, to wit, in regards to the aforementioned bias and tone they present.

I could match the [author] blow for blow with an equally-damning assessment of the Bush Family or the Reagan Administration, the most-indicted Administration in modern American history. However, just because certain facts are presented in a inflammatory and suspicious-seeming way does not make it objective truth but rather a type of lie. Yes, the Clintons are indisputably corrupt and even more so than the Bush... maybe. Reagan was surrounded by all kinds of crookedness.

The only Red Herring here is Hillary Clinton as used by you to justify the unjustifiable and defend the indefensible.

As for invalidities in the Good Bishop's argument here are a couple before I move on from abject boredom:

He conveniently neglected to mention the Republicans put us through the Ken Starr Investigation which found NOTHING apart from stained blue dresses and such and the Republicans went after Clinton for something that he did that was consensual and private and sexual not a matter of state. The American People rejected the Republicans for that more than they repudiated Clinton's behavior although they disliked both.

He claims Trump is an outsider who wants to clean up Washington. NO! Trump brings his own swamp with him. He cannot clean something up when he himself is abjectly unclean... the guy who won't release his financial records and the lies about why he won't release.

This is an embarrassingly absurd remark: "if Huma Abedin appeals to her sense of duty and advises her to step aside; if Bill and Chelsea admit that her administration will be mired in scandal and tell her to step aside; and most importantly, if the American people say with a loud voice, “Enough! Step down!" How about Trump's family do the same given his unsuitability of temperament and personal and business corruption?

The Clinton Foundation WAS under investigation.... now Republicans threaten to open Congressional hearings next session. The Trump Foundation is under investigation by the New York Attorney General.

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