Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flashbacks From The Cross - Soundtrack To My Soul

The movie Cyborg starring Jean-Claud Van Damme was a fun movie but not a very good movie from an artistic and quality control standpoint. However, one element of the movie always stood at to me from the very first time I watched it and that is its musical score by Kevin Bassinson. I find this ambient soundtrack music terribly haunting and stirring. It is this music that is the only saving grace of this movie. Well, aside from the bad-guy coolness of the chief pirate, Fender Tremelo, played by Vincent Klyn who although not a very good actor makes an impressive visual impact. The part of the composition that most effects me is the part at the beginning of this clip that is very melancholy and lonely-sounding. It is oft-repeated throughout the movie whenever our hero Gibson Rickenbacker is experiencing a flashback to a woman he still loves who was killed by his nemesis, the aforementioned Fender Tremelo against whom he seeks vengeance. This piece and a handful of other musical compositions I feel come closest to being what the soundtrack to my soul would sound like if such a thing existed. Enjoy!

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