Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Musings of a Ramblin' Fool XXXIII

I regret I have not checked in with a status update lately nor did I post here for an entire week during the past nine days. I have been incredibly busy with what work I could find as well as with getting my class schedule for the Fall semester at Cuesta College established and getting settled in my new classes. I've also been spending a lot of the time I typically spend here instead working on my Ebay store.

Back To School

This week I started the third semester of my return to school following a 21-year hiatus from higher education. I am currently enrolled in 10 units at the North County Campus of Cuesta College. I had hoped to do 13-16 units but found out I could not take the math and English I wanted due to the need to take an assessment test in both subjects. I did not take those tests out of the mistaken belief that my taking math and English classes during my previous educational campaign at Cuesta College two decades ago qualified me for the next level now. This turned out to be false despite the fact those classes two decades ago count on my G.P.A. and are bringing my cumulative G.P.A. down despite my 4.0 G.P.A. the previous two semester this campaign. I feel this is wrong and unfair but I am powerless to do anything about it and must accept it.

I am enrolled in a 4-unit Spanish class with Ms. Solis on Mondays and Wednesdays, a 3-unit History of the United States class with the wonderful Mr. Judd on Mondays and Wednesdays, and a 3-unit Economics class with Ms. Stapp on Tuesday evenings.

K&K Earthwerks Store is Back!

I finally have gotten through my entire store inventory on Ebay and removed what will not work for me on Ebay and reduced the price on nearly every other item given these items have been on Ebay for a number of years now having not sold at the prices then accorded them. I have now also added nearly 40 new items with many hundreds yet to go in just the first wave of restocking my store. I invite all my readers to check out my new prices on my old inventory as well as my new inventory.

  We Always Hurt the Ones We love: Update

My dear friend with whom I had to reset our relationship late last June with a rather painfully frank discussion (first mentioned here in Random Musings XXXII) continues to not communicate with me which makes me sad. However, the more time passes the more certain I am that I did the right thing for the most part with the notable exception of my initial ill-advised popping off. In the meantime she seems to be moving forward in her process and has taken a series of correct steps which has greatly encouraged me and makes me proud of her. Hopefully in the coming weeks or months we will be reconciled God willing.

Speaking of Resetting Relationships

For years and months and weeks and days tension had been building in my relationship with my mother whom I adore and love. I finally stopped putting off what needed to be done and cleared the air with her as I had done with my dear friend. This exercise had a more immediately gratifying result although the long-term fruit of it remains to be determined. We cleared the air and our relationship has moved past that and is now growing healthily.

I had a similar air-clearing with my grandmother about a decade ago which poisoned the air between us for several years following but now things are better than they have ever been. I also cleared the air with my ex-girlfriend after we broke up when the gloves came off for both of us and we opened up on each other with both barrels. That outcome has not been as gratifying as she is not at all amenable to even constructive criticism and being the passive-aggressive type she has indirectly made it clear she wants no contact all the while ignoring my olive branches via email. We have not talked over the phone in over a year and have not exchanged emails in over half a year. This has occurred despite our mutual promise when we were together to maintain our friendship if we ever broke up.

I also had it out with my now ex-landlady around the time of the break-up with my ex-girlfriend. Mom recently had an incidental encounter with the ex-landlady which was amicable enough but it was clear she did not take well my brutally honest assessment of reality back at the time.

Having cleared the deck in regards to the women in my life I now need to start dealing with some of the men in my life with whom there are problems in our relationship and/or in their lives that are driving me nuts and to which I'm unwilling to endure indefinitely.


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