Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twin Oaks Incident 2011

Today on the way to work out at the end of Jensen Road off Vineyard Drive in the Adelaide area of the North County of San Luis Obispo County I spotted a rather impressive looking header (smoke column) not too far away to my southeast. I elected to be late to work and thus commenced a fire chase. By a mix of luck and good instincts I drove directly to the fire being rather unfamiliar with the roads in the immediate area of the fire. Only once before have I been to this location and that was with mom when she showed me where Pipestone Vineyards and Winery was located which happened to be right across Via Munoz and down it a very short distance. I didn't realize this at the time until tonight when I looked at the area on Google Maps and spotted Pipestone and realized "D'Oh!". This fire was known as the Twin Oaks Incident and appeared to burn not more than 20 acres give the area and given the volume of smoke although I never did get more than a partial glance at the burn area so I don't really know. I was not on top of my photographic game today and missed a couple of primo air tanker drop opportunities but even had I nailed those there wasn't much for me to see as I arrived after the tanker drops had slowed things down considerably. Nonetheless, given how slow this fire season has been locally thus far I found this interesting enough. I don't feel that photo captions are necessary for this collection of photos so I'm presenting them in gallery format.


All photographs by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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