Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tea Party Rivalries

In 2006 Smirnoff developed a new product line of alcoholic beverages that contained various flavors of tea to which they ascribed the commercial label Raw Tea. As part of their marketing campaign they smartly created two hip and clever promotional videos that went viral. The videos, not released simultaneously, but successively, not only lampooned and satirized young elites from the two distinct cultural zones of the East Coast and the West Coast, in particular New England and Southern California, but also the East Coast - West Coast hip-hop/gangster rap rivalry. Watch these two videos in the order they are presented from top to bottom for maximized effect, to wit, Tea Partay which corresponds to the "old money" East Coast scions and Green Tea Partay which corresponds to the nouveau riche West Coast hipsters.

Tea Partay

Green Tea Partay 


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