Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Object Lesson From A Mouse

Last week I was driving through a neighborhood in Atascadero one evening after dark and was forced to stop my car by a drama of life unfolding in the street before me. A cat was attacking a mouse in the middle of the street, or rather was attempting to do so but the mouse was doing most of the attacking in the form of a furious counter-assault. To my astonishment I witnessed this little field mouse lunging up and nipping the cat's nose which seemed to unnerve the cat which was only half-heartedly attacking the mouse now as much in self-defense as not. Normally I do not interfere in such happenings preferring to let nature take its course and not interfere with the Natural World doing its thing. However, I was so impressed by this little field mouse that I proceeded to move my car slowly forward which forced the cat to retreat and gave the mouse the opportunity to make a run for it. We all could stand to learn something from that little field mouse about not only courage but determination as well.

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