Monday, January 2, 2012

Quartzsite 2012 - Early Bird Gets The Worm (Day 2)

Day Two of my adventure (January 2nd) to Quartzsite, AZ, dawned much the same as the day before which is to say quite gorgeously as the continuing presence of the Santa Ana Winds kept not only the sky clear but the temperatures warm, even at night relatively-speaking. There is a wonderful tension in the air here as the annual Quartzsite event winds up throughout the month of January before winding down by month's end as the Tucson event itself winds up late in the month into the month following to which this Quartzite event is merely hors d'oeuvres. Be sure to check out Day One.
These are the same ones I shared with you  yesterday and I hate them just as much today. God intended for them to be purple, dammit!
All these colors in this photo both near and far are as fake as Pamela Andeson's boobs.
To me these are fighting words... fight the urge to purchase anything with those words placed anywhere upon it.
Folks, please boycott this dyed crap so it will stop being dyed and thus be allowed to look the way God intended.
Again, for the uninitiated, this color of citrine is faux as it is actually heat-treated amethyst.
Of all the colors of dye used none is more artificial-looking than the blue.
Kuehn Road was already busier by January 2 (even in the morning) than New Year's Day.
It took all my self-control to not get this botryoidal orpiment from Peru given most of my collection is in storage anyway and I am not able to enjoy it and then there is the inconvenient truth that I am currently poor.
And yet now that I'm home I'm having second thoughts about not getting it. If anybody sees this there and buys it for me and sends it to me I'll reimburse them in full but get it for keystone (or better yet, double keystone, m'kay?).
Desert Gardens picked up noticeably just from yesterday.
Dave's pickup was stacked to the rafters before noon today so we left early...
.... but not before saying goodbye to Anna of the Argentinian Condor Agates. She is a lot of fun.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)


  1. You made me hate the dyed stones too, and with venom~ hahhaha

  2. Hi Kim, understand the dislike for the fake stuff. But what did you see that was something you hadn't before? What's the new/hot thing everyone will be after this year?
    Dang that is a lot of condor agate!
    What sort of stuff did your friend fill his truck with?

    Thanks and happy new year!

  3. I have never seen that botryoidal orpiment from Peru that I now rue that I did not snatch while I had the chance. There were also two different barite specimen types that I had not seen before that turned me on... one of them being on a large chunk with incredible clear crystals of the mineral poking out all over the place... the other was the same mineral but in an off-yellow sprinkled all over druzy quartz stalactites. Dave was picking up mostly killer deals on good mineral specimens both for the mineral collector as well as the metaphysicalist. If you have seen a Rocks & Relics booth then you know what kind of stuff to which I refer. However, in addition to getting the old standbyes that people expect and want he also tries to mix in new stuff people are not expecting but are willing to purchase.

  4. Won't be going back to Quartzite until the town council & sheriffs dept.are in prison.