Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

One of my favorite movie franchises is the Underworld series of movies featuring Kate Beckinsale as my favorite vampire Selene. Opening in ten days is fourth movie in the quadrilogy, the third in which Beckinsale appears. I liked the first two movies quite much, never watched the third one which was a prequel and did not feature Beckinsale. I am hopeful with trepidation they don't dumb down this fourth one as I fear given the poor track record of fourth movies in a movie franchises. I plan to go see it in a theater, a rarity for me, as I usually do not go to movies but wait for them to appear on DVD and watch them at home. I shall report back on my impression of the new movie upon viewing it later this month. Below in order are trailers one and two for this movie.

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