Sunday, January 29, 2012

My First San Rafael Gem Faire

The past few days I had the privilege of helping my friend Dave in his Rocks & Relics booth as he returned to the San Rafael Gem Faire for the first time in several years. The show was a hoot to do as well as quite fruitful. We also broke in a new helper for Dave's business. Our friend Desiree did a wonderful job in her first show with us adding feminine energy to the booth chemistry which enhanced the effectiveness of the sales team and expedited the breakdown of the booth at the end of the show.

For me personally this was my first time working and staying in inland Marin County. Previously I had devoted my time to the coast when visiting Marin County or simply was passing through on US 101. I found I enjoyed it much more than I had anticipated in light of the political culture of the area. Indeed, I am now quite smitten with the area from San Rafael down to Sausalito and hope to return often in the future.

Note: we had a cool visitor to our booth this weekend which I discuss HERE
The booth under construction.
Marin Center
The booth upon opening for business Friday morning around 10 AM.
Front-end view of the booth.
Druzy quartz stalactite from India.

Druzy quartz stalactite

Monster lingum stone from India.
Druzy quartz stalactite cluster formed in a geode-like structure.
Oreodont skull from Wyoming.
Back-end view of the booth.
Marin Center
Carved rock crystal quartz "flame" from Madagascar.
Indian druzy quartz stalactite cluster with Uruguayan amethyst vug behind it.
Druzy quartz stalactite from India.
Druzy quartz stalactite from India
Camera flash gave this Indian druzy quartz stalactite a bluish tinge.
Booth "eye candy" including Ice Age Cave Bear skeletal pawys and Brazilian smokey quartz point.
Green River Formation fossil fish from Wyoming.
Native copper from Michigan with mounted slab of a large Arkansas quartz crystal.
Arkansas quartz crystal at left with Brazilian smokey quartz point at right.
Quartz stalactite and points from India, Brazil, and Madagascar.
Beads of various colors of Beryls.
Fossil turtle.
Large quartz crystal point from Coleman Mine in Arkansas.
Opposite side view of same extinct oreodont skull as earlier image.
Another view of previously identified specimens.
Introducing our newest addition, Desiree, a self-described....
...."Texting Whore", getting caught in the act... OMG... LOL!

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