Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cuesta College Clash of Clubs

Today while on North County campus of Cuesta College for classes I'm enrolled in there I encountered a line-up of fold-up tables in the quad area. It was the Clash of Clubs campus club promotional event one of my instructors had told us about last week. I decided to stop by and say HELLO and the following is what I found. I regret that I did not take the time to get the names of any of these fine people.
The business club was represented by the hottie at left showing off all the email addy's she had picked up for her club (no surprise there... even I gave her mine and I'm not a business major). At right, the fella with the Captain America shield represented Student Vets Association (SVA) who had not a single email addy signed up until I came along (poor guy). I do believe that shield drove away more than just bullets but included prospective new members. ;-p
These cuties represented the Nutrition Club which I'm considering joining on account of their hikes and such and that's my story and I'm sticking with it.
The two girls at left represented Alpha Gamma Sigma to which I'm eligible to join and am contemplating it. At right is a visitor from the next door table representing the Associated Student of Cuesta College club.

All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes(all rights reserved).

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