Friday, February 24, 2012

Existentialist Eyegasms Galore!

Despite the fact that many/most folks who participate in extreme sports (such as those shown in this video) are actually to varying degrees adrenaline junkies and endorphin addicts there is yet another layer of truth and meaning and reality. All of us to some degree, both daredevils and phobics alike possess a primal urge to fly and generally have unlimited range of motion. Sports, extreme or not, as well as dance and other physical activities and even simply fantasizing possessing the ability to do such things gives each of us an outlet to address that urge in a limited fashion given the limitations we all experience during this life. However, this all points to a deeper reality that we are viscerally wired to be free of the physical limitations of this universe and the body within it containing our soul during this phase of our existence. Those of us making the cut in this life and whom go on to spend eternity in God's presence will be able to experience the euphoria of freedom of physical motion that this universe's physical laws place upon us.

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