Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scripture of the Day - Micah

This theme keeps coming up and this verse jumps off the page at me...

"Arise you and depart for this is not your rest...".  ~ Micah 2: 10


  1. That verse speaks to me, as well, Kimmer. It says, get off your haunches and get busy. I put you here for a reason. Now DO IT! :-)

    1. I believe the Lord is notifying me that I am to leave the Central Coast in the not too distant future... this is not breaking news in the longer-view but just in the past week it dawned on me that my Cuesta degree is a semester or two away and then I must move on just as I'm finally getting really comfortable here... God is always shoving us forward out of our comfort zone... out of the nest as it were and forcing us to grow... and grow stronger.