Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paso Robles Inn Photo Study I

This morning before church I visited the Paso Robles Inn for breakfast in their coffee shop as an element in my investigation of the establishment as part of the process of writing a profile about it for an assignment in my English composition class at Cuesta College. What follows is the fruit of this investigation. 
I love the blend of retro architectural styles (both American and Spanish)  of the coffee shop.
This image of the coffee shop interior came out darker than I wanted but it's the only one I took so you're stuck with it.
View from the coffee shop looking into the restaurant serving Sunday brunch replete with buffet.
For some reason the spurs on this Mexican cowboy in this wall mural in the coffee shop caught my attention as the spurs struck me as incongruous with the dress-like garment worn by him.
View from hotel lobby into the adjacent hotel office with cozy fire in the fireplace.
Another view of the lobby looking into the office.
The only remaining original building of the Paso Robles Inn... and one that is purportedly haunted.
The retro American ambiance in this place is quite strong mixing a presence of elegance with wistfulness.
This scene captured the retro elegance of this place as best or better than anything else.
View looking into the historic and storied ballroom. 
View looking out onto the ballroom from the head of the room. A subtly heavy presence pervades in this room.
View of the Paso Robles Inn from across the street at the city library.
The landmark tower of the Paso Robles Inn.
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All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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