Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Newest Addiction: Portlandia

Many/most of you are unaware of the television series Portlandia on IFC. I certainly was not until my friend Mark recently shared with me the Battlestar Galactica episode. The series is centered around the sketch comedy of SNL ensemble member Fred Armisen and former Sleater-Kinney band member Carrie Brownstein. This adorably quirky and charmingly clever little series has gone two full seasons while a third season is now underway starting last month. The show is written and acted and produced by cultural Leftists and yet the show seems to direct 100% of its focus lampooning and caricaturizing the Neo-Hippie, Armchair Environmentalist, Urban Liberalism of Portland, OR. Below is one of the first episodes I ever watched and is thus far one of my favorites as it is the most South Park-ish of any episode I have seen although the show is in no way like South Park which I also love.

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