Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scripture of the Day - Isaiah

Isaiah chapter 24 (verses 17-20 in particular) has fascinated me for a good many years. I know it is of great relevance in our time sooner than later although the day and the hour I know not and it is precisely unknowable. To what it refers is something that has not yet happened and yet is something that is not related to the Great Tribulation Period nor Armageddon at the very end of the Millennium Period  as the details don't in any way match and thus necessarily predates them.

Thus this is something that the mainstream of Christianity has thus far failed to generally recognize while perhaps a few voices crying in the wilderness both of the sane sort as well as more so the the lunatic fringe might heretofore have directly or tangentially touched upon it by way of discernment or blundering into it.

My own sense of this is that it refers to a bolide impact or series of impacts that is/are a near-extinction event for Mankind as the details match perfectly. If this is correct then it will take Mankind a good many millennium to recover sufficiently for the events of the Book of Revelation to occur thus pushing the events of that prophecy further into the future than traditional and current theological interpretations wish to recognize. If this is incorrect then we still are left without an adequante explanation of what this passage and a good many other's sprinkled throughout Scripture refer that seem to indicate something along these lines.

However, I am no prophet nor am I a prophet's son so take this for what you feel and think it is worth. But I remind you that in each age of human history when God was moving to do something major the mainstream of both the unbelieving and believing world were not hip to what God was about to do. The World has always never had clue what God was up to while mainstream religious institutions have always seemed to be out of touch with God and looking for the wrong thing as they generally were not discerning God's will and word. Case in point: the confusion at the time of Christ when the religious mainstream was looking for the appearance of a hero to kick the Romans out of Judea and reestablish a Jewish administration whereas God had quite other plans for that time and place.

"Terror and a pit and a trap overtake you, oh people of the Earth. Whomever flees rumor of the terror shall fall into a pit and whomever escapes the pit shall become ensnared in a trap, for the windows of the sky are open and the foundations of the Earth do shake. The Earth is shattered, the Earth is completely collapsed, the Earth is violently shaken. The Earth staggers like a drunkard and is moved like a tent in a gale. The weight of transgression is heavy upon it and it shall fall and never again rise to its former position."
 ~ Isaiah 24:17-20 (Kimicus ad Absurdum translation)

Note: another passage in Isaiah 24 is worth reading supplementally to this one, to wit: Isaiah 24:4-6

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  1. I have to agree with you, Kim. Also described within these verses is a "nuclear winter" that can be induced just as easily by a bolide impact. Localized quakes couldn't make this event a worldwide phenomena; it'll take something much bigger to create a royal mess for all inhabitants.

    At least what happens happens to everyone equally; the rich and/or the powerful can't buy their way out of this one.