Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank You California & America!

Why you ask do I say that given that I regularly bitch about you and complain that a good many of you are idiots in some way or another? Well a good many of you are idiots but many of you are not and even of the idiots many of you nonetheless possess redeeming qualities that I appreciate. Have we all not one Father?

Today as I walked by the way I reflected (as I do all the time actually) and it occurred to me that I need to take the time to thank all of you my fellow taxpaying Californians and Americans for granting me money to go to college (Cuesta College) since 2010 by way of California's Board of Governors Waiver and the Federal Pell Grant. Without these two instruments of trickle-up economics in light of my chronic poverty the past few years I would have been unable to go back to school during the most important transitional and transformational period in my life to date. This follows the final but inevitable collapse by 2009 of my life as it once was which was a good thing, of course!

You the payer of state and federal taxes acting in the aggregate functioned much like a venture capitalist and elected to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into developing a new product called Kim Patrick Noyes After 40. I accepted your offer and will continue to do so for as long as you offer it. I assure you all that I will not disappoint you for I recognize that you did this not so much out of charity but your own aggregate self-interest which is certainly fine. You now expect me to get a degree and then get a well-paying job and start paying back into your state and federal treasury (and then some) in various forms of taxes and rest assured I shall!

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