Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Of Wics & Wiggers

On the drive home yesterday from doing the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show over the previous week or so we stopped for lunch at a favored little Mexican food joint along the main drag of Blythe, CA. While waiting for our food as I sat at our table I observed a Mexican gang-banger-looking thug come in the front door with his old lady and immediately thought he was what he seemed to be at first glance: a brown-skinned thug! Upon more thorough examination I realized this guy was a white dude who adopted the Mexican gangsta culture. My mind being what it is then proceeded to wonder what such guys should be called in light of the fact that white guys who try to act like urban blacks are known as "wiggers" as in "white niggers". Once back in the car I asked the Richter guys with whom I was riding what would be an appropriate vernacular to describe  white guys who act like Mexican street gangstas. Without missing a beat Dave "Shaft" Richter, Jr., offered "wic" as in a "white spic". Needless to say, I was brown with envy at his spontaneous wordsmithy! Thus, a new expression has been born whose etymological origin can be traced here!

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