Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rant 'O' The Day - Young, Healthy, Homeless Guys

WTF is going on with all the healthy young men living in the Salinas River bottom in Atascadero-Paso Robles and often hanging around busy commercial districts begging for money although they are dressed well-enough and fed well-enough and are young and healthy? They hit my mom up menacingly for money at Adobe Plaza on an ongoing basis and I had one do that to me a couple of months ago there. One of punks there recently had the temerity to ask a female acquaintance of mine for some money in interruption to his counting a stack of currency he was holding apparently derived from menacingly begging there. I met one of these untermencsch coming up out of the river bottom this morning on my dog walk near the Riverbank Park along the path as it passes under the Niblick Street Bridge. Fast food joints are hiring so they have no excuse and these are clearly not mentally messed-up war vets or old winos or crazy street people or hard-core drug addicts. However, they do come across as lazy and idle and unmotivated and undisciplined and lacking in self-respect!

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