Friday, April 19, 2013

Can't Keep Me Silent

I was in my car this morning en route to my morning dog walk and this trance track "Can't Keep Me Silent" by Angelic from the late Golden Age of Trance came up as I was listening to one of my old trance CD's I have not listened to in several years or longer. I had forgotten this one but remember being impressed with the weightiness of the lyrics despite their brevity. I feel this song still holds up today even with trance having been subsequently over-commercialized and diluted by changing musical tastes as the next generation comes of age. Until just now I have never seen the music video for this which isn't actually all that bad which although simple is effective. The lyrics are below the music player. Crank up your speaker and ENJOY!

Well, I guess, it's human nature
How people out-talk each other
But then we face the danger
Of only listening to ourselves

In the pressure of the situation
I won't let my tongue get tied
A silent voice in the congregation
I refuse to live a lie

Can't keep me silent
Can't keep me silent
Can't keep me silent