Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Am Now Vina Robles

Today I was hired by Vina Robles to work their performance events at their nearly-completed amphitheater outside Paso Robles, CA. This hiring came about unexpectedly as I did not realize they were hiring on the spot. Not only that, given how I have lived like a gypsy most of my life this was my first ever job interview as such. I had high hopes while realizing most people don't pick up a gig like this on their first try at a "normal" job. Prior to this job I had done floor sales and booth construction and destruction at shows for Rocks & Relics, before that the same for my own business K& K Earthwerks, and all the while doing general labor projects for various clients the past several years. Before that while I was wandering in the wilderness so to speak I became an expert at inheritance liquidation. Needless to say I am both humbled and grateful and excited about this turn of events in my life whose effects and ramifications will be broad and far-reaching. My new employers will not regret their faith in me. God is good!

Update: I worked one concert here in the spring and that was it for reasons that are not entirely clear but seem to follow a pattern experienced by some other people I know who worked there initially as I did. But it is no matter now, it was fun while it lasted!

Computer graphic of what Vina Robles will look like when completed. These buildings are already in place but some like the amphitheater are still under construction albeit mostly complete. Image courtesy of Vina Robles.


  1. Congratulations! What a cool job. Allison M. Loukanis

  2. Wo0t!!! Kudos and Congrats! Couldn't happen to a better feller. :-)

  3. Nevermind gang, as it turns out it was not gonna work out for Vina Robles and I to collaborate, but it did work out for me and Vino Vice!