Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Mid-State Fair Fine Art Expo

Earlier tonight I was an honored guest at the Mid-State Fair fine art meet & greet held indoors at the Fine Arts building. While there (but after my wine and cheese... and other scrumptuousness) I captured images of the following works which caught my eye out of the many more that did not.

Untitled oil abstract by Devon Pitts. This is my favorite work out of tonight's offerings. Artistically not the best thing I saw tonight but by God thematically and in execution I love it. It earned 1st place in the Advanced Amateur category.
Untitled by Charlene Martyn. I like the tsunami coming in to shore as a towering breaking wave with a city in front of it.,\ Behind it a ship is being bombed by what looks like a WWII Japanese Zero fighter aircraft. The judges had this labeled as a painting collage(?). This work earned a 1st place award in the Advanced Amateur category.
Untitled "representational"by Margrete Koreska. Earned Honorable Mention in the Professional category. The judges obviously sucked as a group and know little about art as was evident in many of their judgements for this contest.
This oil painting titled "Hindu Man" by my friend Susie Christian of Morro Bay earned Honorable Mention in the Advanced Amateur category under the heading of "representational".  Given the competition it faced it deserved to rank higher.
Untitled photograph by Haley Przyybyla. It won 1st place in the advanced amateur landscape category. I love these weather themes and this photographer captured a complicated atmosphere that day.
Untitled by Briana Dutra.  Obviously captured from a passenger jet aircraft over undescribed region. I have a growing interest in images captured from aircraft and this one really grabbed me. It earned 3rd place in the 10-14 age group in the miscellaneous amateur category.
Untitled by Cheryl Strahl featuring the Alabama Hills and Movie Road in the foreground and Mt. Whitney and the Eastern Sierra Nevadas on the background. This earned 1st place honors in the professional color landscape category. 
Untitled Bill Sima taken of a sunset in the Paso Robles area. It earned 1st place in the professional digitally processed category. I call this WOW sunsets!
Untitled by Kurt Bentzinger of a vineyard with an oak tree apparently captured in the Central Coast region. It earned 2nd place in the professional digitally processed category.

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