Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharknado Drinking Game

Tonight I watched pretty much the entirety of Syfy Channel's latest monster abomination posing as a movie entitled Sharknado, a film (and I use that word loosely) which has become a social media sensation quite literally overnight. While watching it with my buddy Mark a little while ago he suggested it would make a great drinking game and for the remainder of the movie we came up with guidelines for such a game. Below are some of the highlights (lowlights?) of our brainstorming session.

Note: any alcoholic beverage stronger than beer will induce death by alcohol poisoning given the frequency of shots of beer this game will require!

Each player must drink one shot: 
  • Each instance of over-acting (okay, nevermind; that's too dangerous).
  • Each instance an element from another science fiction movie is immitated. 
  • Each instance a small hand-held tank the size of a fire extinguisher explodes destroying a huge tornado.
  • Each instance April (Tara Reid) and Nova (Cassie Scerbo) exchange catty glances.
  • Each instance Nova cocks a shotgun vertically and one-handed like she was Ellen Ripley.
  • Each instance the weather dramatically changes from one camera angle to the next.
  • Each instance the water level dramatically changes from one camera angle to the next.
  • Each instance a shark flying through the air hits the pavement without splattering.
  • Each instance the dialogue becomes disjointed and incongruous causing one to need to rewind to re-listen.
  • Each instance something nonsensically explodes (automobiles, etc.).
  • Each instance a shark emerges out of a storm drain or manhole.

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  1. Sharknado may just become the worst movie ever made... and rightly so. What the hell were the producers thinking? This would be best viewed via MST3K... with the help of the 'bots to interpret such fare.