Friday, July 12, 2013

Sum Ting Wong Here

Earlier today the Bay Area's Fox affiliate KTVU-TV aired a broadcast in which they erroneously reported the alleged, but actually humorously, unpolitically-correct, smart-aleck false names of the pilots aboard ill-fated Asiana Flight 214. Some politically-correct dip-shits had the temerity to suggest this was racist but then again we expect nothing less from such self-righteous sticks-in-the-mud.

Below is the misguided/misdirected retraction a short time later in the same broadcast. Of course, since the original error was at the NTSB the only apology need come from them. That being said, it is a bit surprising nobody at the station picked up on the error and questioned it before broadcasting it. This just goes to demonstrate what happens when media types try to be the first to report something.

Of course, this all brings to mind the famous (infamous?) Robert De Niro SNL skit (below) following the 9/11 attacks which employed the same sort of supposedly racist type jokes making light of ethnic names but in the context Arabic-sounding names that were actually mostly just vulgar. Of course, in that context there was little if any outcry heard unlike in this case.

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