Monday, July 22, 2013

Johnny Cash's Swan Song

Somehow I heretofore neglected to share "Hurt" written and originally performed by Nine Inch Nails as hauntingly covered by none other than the "Man In Black" himself. The Johnny Cash version (performed in 2002) I like more than the nonetheless excellent original 1995 Nine Inch Nails version HERE. Johnny Cash understood that he was at the end of his life and missed the many people he had lost up to that point, particularly his soul mate June Carter Cash, whose health was in decline as was his own when both the song and a year later the music video was filmed within months of both their deaths. In that context of reviewing his life and taking inventory of it, he produced this hauntingly deep, honest, melancholy and musical soliloquy of the heart in art. *Updated 6/23/16.

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