Saturday, September 17, 2011

20th Annual Rockhounds Roundup Rock Show

Day One of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds 20th Annual Rockhound's Roundup gem and mineral show in Paso Robles, CA, rocked and rolled at the Pioneer Museum and the adjacent Pioneer Park. The energy of the show has been good today from the start. The weather turned out to be perfect today as it was in the high 70's into the low 80's with fog most of the morning. Not only did the show receive a lot of visitors through the first half of the day but there seemed to be a good deal of interest in the club and new members will be joining after today. We hope and expect to see more of the same activity tomorrow. This evening at 6 PM we will host our barbecue dinner open to our members and dealers and anybody else who wishes to join us.

Front view of the Pioneer Museum today 

View from the corner of Riverside Avenue and 19th Street 

View from the Pioneer Park parking lot 

Member Sally Veder and Mary Caperone "womaning" their booth 

Dealer Ernie Defever is a member of the SVRGC

SLOGMC officer Mike Lyons visits dealer and LGMC member  Keith Olivas 

OMS Member Sharon Duncan visits our very own Kincy Scott 

Scary Gary From Tulare trying to look innocent in his booth with Mike Lyons 

Gary's wonderful wife Janice Stevens both of whom are members of the TGMC

Dale Harwood (left) doing his thing with "the more you buy the more you save" 

Dale's lovely sister Barb hanging out with us for the weekend 

Barb's wonderful canine child "Lancer Shake It Out Baby" or just "Shake"

Tom DeMaris of Junction City formerly of Kingsburg honors us with his presence in our show 

Joseph Rubio and his daughter hanging out in their Rubio's Gems booth 

Manuel and Dalia Hernandez of KMS giving me "the look" as always

Abalone King's Lu and Sandy Hernandez honoring us again with their presence 

Our very own Joyce Baird spelling Kincy Scott a break in their booth 

View from the park looking north at the museum 

Our silent auction table immediately outside the front doors of the museum 

Our hospitality booth just inside the front doors to the museum 

Show co-chair David Nelson doing his silver-smithing demonstration 

Our club's premier sphere-making member Cliff Brewen doing his thing.
Next to him to the left is  Hi-Desert Rockhounds member Roger  Thompson

Up and coming member Chris Driesbach's awesometacular regional and local petrified wood 

An amazing display of cut, carved and polished dinosaur bone creations made of various jaspers 

OMS member Jeannie Lingerfelt's incredibly beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry collection 

A wonderfully notable slap of petrified oak from Oregon in part of a display 

This is a really nice Fluorite mineral specimen display 

The Rock Mafia Dons Pierce and Huntington showing off their rock carved dino bone display 

Dan "The Man" Manion of the SLOGMS hanging out with us 

Esteemed members Cliff and Elethea Brewen in their booth 

Club treasurer Shasta Palmer "womaning" the booth she is sharing with Austin Moore.
Shasta and Austin are the two silversmiths for Earth Art Gems & Jewelry.

A westward view looking down the show's east-west axial run 

A southward view looking down the show's primary north-south run 

Esteemed member Craig Rambo manning our Santa Maria-style tri-tip barbecue station with help 

Esteemed member and master flint-knapper Ralph Lawless doing his thing 


All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

Be sure to check out Day Two of the show if you haven't already right HERE


  1. Great pics, Kimmer!! Looks like it was a success! XO-Alice

  2. I had fun today. it was worth the drive from Joshua Tree.


  3. Roger, it was great seeing you today and I'm glad you felt it was worth it.... BTW, what is your last name?

    Alice, I wish you could have been there with your family.

  4. Wow, Kim you must have been up all night throwing this page together! Thanks for including a picture of us. See you in Cayucos!

  5. Best Post in a year! Love you, Kimmers! Great stuff!