Sunday, September 18, 2011

20th Annual Rockhounds Roundup Rock Show Redux

Day Two of the Santa Lucia Rockhound's 20th Annual Rockhounds Roundup is now history as is the show itself for another year. The weather cooperated this year giving us milder than usual temperatures which was nice given how hot this show can typically be. There were no minor problems this year unlike last year when a kid fell into one of our displays damaging it or the year before when a redneck made some ignorant comments to an Afghan dealer selling lapiz.

The Pioneer Museum at 2010 Riverside Avenue in Paso Robles, CA 

Silversmith David Nelson hardly looks surprised when I flash him after promising not to.

Barbara Bilyeu's lovely assemblage of biconoids and thunder eggs

A very cool native copper collection

One of my recent interests has been myrackite which received due honor in this year's show.

Wes Lingerfelt's display case centerpiece: a azurite-malachite fill sphere 

Cliff Brewen's display case centerpiece: a limestone pine cone cast from the Big Sur Coast.

Ralph Lawless honored us with his flint-knapping prowess a second day.

Austin Moore of Earth Art Gems & Jewelry 

Ernie Defever demonstrating his happy look 

The irrepressible Dale "The More You Buy The More You Save" Harwood 

A trio of SLOGMC ladies paying a visit ( Leslie Nelson and Lynette Bayless are right-most) 

Rockhound legend Ralph Bishop of the OMS opened up today and shared some of his knowledge.

The Santa Lucia Rockhound's Chris Driesbach's amazing petrified wood collection 

Chris's wood was found in concretions which he split and soaked in acid.

These specimens all came from "Secret Canyon" on the Gaviota Coast 

The "rock mafia dons" Don's Pierce and Huntington first place winning case in photos 

Each piece is a cut and polished slab piece of various stone types per each figurine. 

Dane Jensen and two of his daughters of which one, Karigan, won an award for her display case.


All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

Be sure to check out Day One of the show if you haven't already right HERE

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  1. sorry I missed the show. The pics were great, especially because they were all well exposed and captioned!