Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Too Much Rain Over Paradise

Following the Hurricane Mitch disaster that befell Central America in November 1998, Andre "The Teutonic Trance Master" Tanneberger (known to the world as "ATB") created a song entitled "Too Much Rain Over Paradise" in tribute to and for the aid of the victims of the storm.

The first video below merely plays the song as no video was created for the original version by ATB.

This song was then remixed several times by a collective of trance DJ's called United Dee Jay's For Central America 1998 as part of a fund-raising competition to assist survivors of the regional disaster that was Hurricane Mitch. The storm killed over 20,000 people across seven Central American nations as well as nations in North America (Mexico and U.S.) and in the Caribbean (Jamaica) making this possibly the first hemisphere-wide disaster in the modern history of the Americas. Below is a remixed version of the song and the one I believe won the competition. It comes with an interesting video that juxtaposes images of the storm with stills of the various artists involved in the project.

In my mind the only other event that comes close to Hurricane Mitch as being a hemisphere-wide disaster in the modern history of the Americas is the "Storm of the Century" of 1993, that devastated parts of Cuba, the U.S., and Canada which killed over 300 people along the way.


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  1. Gah! This music is heaven, divine sustenance, pure beauty.... thanks for sharing!